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Strategic Planning Needs Strategic Partners


Liquid Equity Partners understand the importance of having a good partner model that not only benefits our clients, but also our strategic partners.  We have a broad range of  consulting expertise and we welcome value-add partnerships and complementary service partners.  If you would like to help us support small businesses with your expertise or solutions, let’s meet.

Our Expertise

Where can you add value?

CFO | Controller Consulting

Exit Strategy, Acquisitions, Capitalization, Cash-flow Management, Budgeting, Forecasting Governance & Compliance, and more.

Human Capital

Human Resource, Payroll, Liability Benefits and much more.

Sales & Marketing

Business Development Analysis, Sales Training, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing Strategies and more.

Organization Development

Standard Operations Documentation, Role Development, Communication Optimization, Organizational Mapping, Organizational Growth Plan and more.

Technology and Business Automation

Technology and Automation Feasibility Study, Specifications and Scope Writing, Project Cost Analysis, Vendor Vetting Service and more.

Business Exit Strategy

Have a strategy to limit liability and get maximum return on the value of your business.

Retirement Planning

Understand your numbers and how much money you need to save/invest/grow to reach your goal of retirement.

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